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About SuperDeal

Who is SuperDeal? Where are we based?

SuperDeal is an online marketplace that sells an extensive range of accessories and clothing at affordable prices for everyone. We are currently offering more than 20 000 products including electronic gadgets, clothing, car accessories, cell phone and computer accessories, and much more. We constantly look for new products to add to our site and a substantial amount of new items are added every month.

On top of our inexpensive prices, we also ensure that customers get a satisfying and secure shopping experience. All goods are inspected at our head office in Hong Kong and checked before being shipped out to customers. All products on our site are shipped free internationally, so the price you see is the price you pay, nothing more.

Is it safe to shop on SuperDeal?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on being a trusted and reliable online marketplace here at SuperDeal. We protect all customers who pay via PayPal or credit card by encrypting all user details. Transactions are processed securely and no credit card details are stored on our servers. All goods are inspected for quality and double checked at our Hong Kong office before being shipped out.

How do I subscribe to your newsletters?

Enter your email in the "Subscribe Us!" box at the lower right hand corner of our site.

What is My Favorites?

When you see a product that you like, you can add it to your collection of favorite items by clicking on the 'Favorite' button. The number in the brackets shows the number of people who have liked this item. You can access the list of items you have set favorite by clicking on 'My Favorites' on the left menu.

My Order

How do I place an order?

Our ordering process is simple. Shop for items by browsing in our many product categories or search for specific products you have in mind with the search bar. Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button when you see a product you like. And when you are done, click on "View Cart" at the upper right of the page to review your items. Then click on "Proceed to Checkout" to complete the purchase by filling in the payment and shipping information.

How do I modify my order?

To make changes to your order details, such as your delivery address, contact our customer service team by emailing support@superdeal.com with your order number and name. If your order has been sent out for shipping yet, we will endeavor to help you modify or cancel your order.

What does my order status mean?

You can check the status of your orders by clicking on "Order Status" located at the upper right of the page. For orders shipped via Registered Mail and FedEx, you may also track your order using the order tracking number provided to you via email on dispatch.

Order Status Description
Cart You have items in cart but have not yet complete the checkout process
Payment Accepted You have successfully paid for your order
Awaiting Payment We are awaiting payment for the order
Payment Failed The payment for your order did not go through
Pending For Processing Your order is pending for processing
Processing We are now processing your order items
Awaiting Shipment Your items have been packaged and are ready to be shipped
Shipped You order has been dispatched
Partially Shipped Part of your order has been dispatched and the rest are
Canceled Your order has been canceled

What currency are prices displayed in?

We sell internationally to customers around the world and therefore we display our prices in various international currencies. The default currency displayed is US dollars. However, automatic selection of currency display based on your location will be added in the near future. To change the display currency, click the button on the top right corner of the page.

How do I know if the items are in stock or not?

The availability of an item can been seen along with its price and other details when you click into the item's page.

Why is my order status processing?

Before goods are dispatched out, they are inspected for quality assurance before being packaged. Any time prior to being shipped out, your order status will be shown as processing.

Can I cancel my order?

As long as orders have not been dispatched for shipping, we will endeavor to cancel your order if possible. However, we cannot guarantee that all requests for cancelling orders will be accepted. Please contact our customer service team via support@superdeal.com to request an order cancellation.

Can I get a discount?

All items on SuperDeal are already at reduced prices but we do offer discount for bulk purchases. Please inquire our customer service team via support@superdeal.com about bulk purchasing discounts.

Bulk Purchasing

Can I get free samples if I order large quantities?

We do not give out free samples for our goods but we do offer lowered prices on bulk purchases. Please inquire our customer service team via support@superdeal.com about bulk purchasing discounts.

Do you offer discounts if I order in large quantities?

Yes. Contact our customer service team via support@superdeal.com for inquiries about bulk purchase discounts.


Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide to any country in the world! Note that we can send to PO BOX, APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Fleet Post Office) shipping addresses via standard and Registered Mail. Express courier services to these addresses are not permitted.

How much is shipping?

Absolutely free! We offer free shipping worldwide on all of our deals. We also provide the option of FedEx shipping should you wish you receive your goods at an earlier date. You can also get to upgrade your shipping to 'registered shipping' for a flat fee of $2.49, allowing the delivery to be tracked.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times vary according to the shipping destination. Once your order has been sent, you will be notified via email. We ship orders from Hong Kong and it takes approximately 7-15 business days for most orders to be delivered to the USA and Canada via regular airmail.

How are my local customs and tax issues handled?

Customers are responsible for any local customs and/or taxes that apply to their order. Please check up on your local custom and tax policies for further details.

Are all items eligible for free shipping?

Yes. There is no need to worry about shipping fees for anything on SuperDeal!

How can I trace my delivery?

If you would like to be able to trace your delivery, please opt for the 'registered shipping' option ($2.49) which would provide you with a tracking number. You can also choose the expedited shipping option via FedEx for an additional charge.

I have not received my order, what can I do?

Delivery times are estimated at 7-15 business days for most orders. However, from time to time, for reasons beyond our control, deliveries may take longer than expected depending on your local postal service. If you have not received your items after 30 business days, please contact our customer service department by email via support@superdeal.com

If you are using the 'registered shipping' or the FedEx shipping method, you can check on the status of your order using the tracking number. Note that the registered shipping option incurs a fee of $2.49.

Can I change my shipping address?

You can change your shipping address by in 'My Account' after logging in. Click on 'Shipping Addresses' on the left menu to add or make changes to the shipping address. This change can be made after your order has been placed, as long as it has not been dispatched for shipment. Once your package is dispatched for shipment, you will not be able to change your shipping address.

What is the insurance option?

The insurance option is an option is an add-on option for the delivery of your order at the fee of $1.99. If the items do not get delivered to you due to unforeseen circumstances, we will re-ship the item to you.


How do I know when SuperDeal is holding promotions?

Good question! We send our subscribers promotions and exclusive coupon codes on a regular basis. Join our newsletter group by submitting your email in the "Subscribe Us!" box at the lower right hand corner of our page and never miss a deal again. You can also follow us on our Facebook fan page for news about upcoming promotions and Facebook exclusive offers.

Where do I get coupon codes?

We send special coupon codes that allow for additional discounts and exclusive deals via email. Subscribe to our newsletter group by submitting your email in the "Subscribe Us!" box at the lower right hand corner of our page to receive these coupon codes. We also keep our Facebook fans up to date with coupon codes.

How do I use the coupon codes?

If you have a coupon code or gift code, simply enter the code in the coupon code field that appears on your Cart or on the Checkout page. The discount will immediately be reflected in the new prices shown.

Can I extend the use of an expired coupon code?

Coupon codes cannot be used once they expire. However, promotions are held on a regular basis so even if you miss out, you can always wait for the next one to come around!

Exchange and Return Policy

What is SuperDeal's return policy?

We offer an exchange or refund policy for unused and unwashed products that are faulty. Products are deemed faulty if they do not function. We accept requests for exchange and refunds until 5 days after you receive your items. For orders that use free shipping and do not have a tracking number, we accept requests for exchange and refunds until 30 days after you place your order.

If you would like to submit a request for exchange or refund, please contact our customer service team via email support@superdeal.com citing your:

  1. Order number
  2. Product in question
  3. Issue
  4. Whether you would like an exchange or refund

What is the procedure for return?

After contacting our customer service team via email with details including: your:

  1. Order number
  2. Product in question
  3. Issue
  4. Whether you would like an exchange or refund

our customer service representative will guide you through the rest of the exchange and return process. We will require you send the item back to us for inspection. After this, we will arrange for a replacement to be sent to you or a full refund of your order to be made to you depending on your request.

Do products come with warranty?

Most of our products are covered by warranty. For products that do not come with warranty, we still offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee which allows you to get a refund or exchange for unused and unwashed products. Products that are covered by warranty and the warranty periods are listed below. We warrant the products against defects and faulty materials. It excludes damage from wear and tear, loss, abuse or negligence. The warranty period begins from the date of order.

Please use this page to submit refunds or exchanges for warranted products: https://www.superdeal.com/Member/Return.aspx

Computers & Networking Bluetooth Devices 2 Months
Cables & Adapters 1 Month
Card Readers 2 Months
CDs/DVDs 1 Month
Drives & Storages 3 Months
Keyboards, Mice & Input 1 Month
Memory Cards 3 Months
Microphones & Speakers 2 Months
Mouse 1 Month
Networking 3 Months
Presenters 3 Months
Apple Accessories Batteries 1 Month
Cables 1 Month
Docks & Chargers 1 Month
Earphones & Headphones 1 Month
Adapters 1 Month
Cell Phones Batteries 1 Month
Cables 1 Month
Docks & Chargers 1 Month
Earphones & Headphones 1 Month
Adapters 1 Month
Camera And Camcorders Digital Cameras 6 Months
Batteries & Chargers 1 Month
Cables & Adapters 1 Month
Camcorders 6 Months
Camera Remotes 1 Month
Flash & Lighting 3 Months
Car Accessories Car Alarm & Security 1 Month
Car Audio & Video 1 Month
Diagnostic Tools & Equipment 1 Month
Consumer Electronics Audio & Video Cables 1 Month
Audio & Video Adapters 1 Month
TV Boxes 3 Months
Digital Photo Frames 3 Months
EBook Readers 3 Months
Electronic Tools
(Professional Tools)
3 Months
Electronic Tools
(Weighing Scales)
3 Months
Headphones 1 Month
MP3 Players 3 Months
MP4 Players 3 Months
MP5 Players 3 Months
Health And Beauty Speakers 1 Month
Hearing Aids 2 Months
Electric Shavers 2 Months


What payment options are available for me?

We offer secure payment options in the form of credit cards and Paypal. You can also pay using Cash Dollars if you have stored up any.

Is it safe to enter my credit card details?

Yes, SuperDeal takes payment security very seriously. Our payment mechanism is safe and we never store your credit card information.

What is PayPal Express Checkout?

With PayPal Express Checkout, you will be asked to log in to your PayPal account when you check out. This option allows you to make payments more quickly if you are a PayPal user, without having to create an account on SuperDeal.

How do I use a coupon code?

Coupon codes can be applied to your order prior to payment - either on the Shopping Cart page or on the Checkout page. Enter your coupon code in the coupon code field and click on 'Apply'. The discount will then be reflected in the new prices shown.

What currencies do you accept?

We accept PayPal and credit cards as methods of payment, so you do not need to worry about your currency not being accepted! For credit card payments, please refer to your bank for the latest exchange rates.

What are Cash Dollars?

Cash Dollars are money in your account that you can use to pay for orders on SuperDeal. You can earn cash dollars by converting SD points. For more details on how to earn SD, please click here.

Please note that Cash Dollars may only be used to pay for a maximum of 90% of your order total.

What are SD Points?

SD Points are a feature that allows you to use points to redeem Cash Dollars which can be used to make purchases on SuperDeal.

How do I earn SD Points?

SD points can be earned doing simple things that you would normally do. For example, get rewarded for telling your friends, writing product reviews, or simply making an order. For details of how to earn SD points are as follows:

Tasks SD Points
Register and Successfully Confirm your Account 30
Register and Successfully Confirm your Account via Referral 50
Successfully Refer a Friend 30
Makes a Purchase (without using Coupon Code) 1 Point per $0.1 spent
Makes a Purchase with Coupon Code 0.5 Point per $0.1 spent
Write a Product Review 10
Write a Product Review (with Photos/Videos) 20

* To be eligible, photos & videos should be added at the time of posting the review

How can I use my SD Points?

SD points can be used to convert into Cash Dollars, which can be used to make purchases on Superdeal. You can either choose to convert 500 or 900 points, which in return, will give you $5 and $10 respectively.

To convert your SD Points, please click here.

How come I can't save my credit card details to my account?

In order to protect your credit card details and ensure maximum security, we do not store any unencrypted credit card details on our servers. Therefore, none of your credit card details will be saved to your account.


How do I set up an account?

Setting up an account at SuperDeal is easy. Simply click on "Register" at the top right corner of our page and enter your email, name, and password. We will send you an email with a link to verify your account, and once you click on the verification link your account will be activated.

How do I log in?

Click on "Login" on the top right corner and enter your email and password to log in to your account.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Simply click on 'Forgot Password' on the log in page and then enter your email in the box. We will then email the password to your inbox.

I forgot my email address, what should I do?

As we associate all accounts with email addresses, there is unfortunately nothing we can do to help retrieve your account if you have forgotten your email address. We suggest that you register a new account with us by using another email.

How do I change my account details?

To amend your personal details, log in to your account and then access your account details via "My Account" located at the upper right hand corner of the page. You can change your profile details, payment options and shipping address by clicking on the respective sections on the left menu.

How do I change my subscription settings?

If at any time you would like to unsubscribe or re-subscribe to SuperDeal email newsletters, access "My Account" and change the setting within the "Newsletter" section.

Can I change my email address for my account login?

Yes, go to 'My Account' after logging in and click on 'Update Profile' on the left menu. You can enter your new email address from there.

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